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Felicity and Jason got married back in June at the gorgeous Stubton Hall, it was the perfect black tie affair. The whole day was a pleasure to be a part of but I have to take my hat off to Flic’s mum, who lovingly created most of the details you see in this wedding. Not only that but she (along with a close friend) is also responsible for the gorgeous florals. Loved the bright pops of plum, pinks and reds that adorned the venue.

Flic wore a stunning gown by Riki Dalal, shoes from Jimmy Choo and veil from Bride Sew Beautiful. Her bridesmaids wore the most stunning dresses from Debut at Debenhams they were beaded ivory perfection.

Mel x

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Before you leave, you should check out the fantastic video trailer of the day by Perfect Moment FilmsClick here.

List of lovely supplier…

Venue: Stubton Hall
Videographer: Perfect Moment Films
Brides Dress: Riki Dalal
Brides Veil: Bride Sew Beautiful
Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Sophie
Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Floral Design: Brides Mum (Jane Ambrose) and Linda Deutsch
Bridesmaid Dresses: Dèbut by Debenhams
Grooms Suit: Peter Posh
Cake: The Confetti Cakery
Daytime Entertainment: Xenia Horne – UK Harpists
Evening Entertainment: Premier UK Events


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